Chain Camera Pictures is a prestigious, award-winning production company, home to the most important and groundbreaking investigatory documentaries today. Headed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, their documentaries have aired globally on Netflix, HBO, PBS, CNN, Arte, Canal Plus and the BBC. Their film, THE INVISIBLE WAR, broke the story of the epidemic of rape in the U.S. military and led to five congressional hearings and the passing of 35 reforms through Congress. Their follow up film, THE HUNTING GROUND, about campus sexual assault, ignited a national discussion and led to policy changes at hundreds of schools.

Their most recent film, THE BLEEDING EDGE, (now on Netflix) about the fast-growing medical device industry’s corruption and malfeasance, has already compelled the removal of dangerous medical devices from the market, and is catalyzing a worldwide debate about regulation and patient safety. Throughout their filmography, notable accolades they have amassed include: two Oscar nominations, two Emmy awards, an Independent Spirit Award, a Sundance Audience Award, a Peabody, and the George Polk Award.



Amy Herdy, Jamie Rogers, Kate Griendling, Alexandra Marske


Ryan Mazie

Technical & Post Production Supervisor

Edward Patrick Alva


Ryan Mazie