Chain Camera Pictures is a Los Angeles-based company that produces critically acclaimed documentaries for international theatrical and television release. Kirby Dick founded the company in 2001 with producer Eddie Schmidt, and together they made CHAIN CAMERA, SHOWGIRLS: GLITZ AND ANGST, THE END, TWIST OF FAITH, and THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED. In 2006, Eddie Schmidt moved on to produce and direct his own projects. In 2007, Amy Ziering, who produced and co-directed DERRIDA with Dick, joined the company as the producer of OUTRAGE, THE INVISIBLE WAR, and THE HUNTING GROUND.

Chain Camera Pictures has sold films in the U.S. and abroad to HBO, PBS, Magnolia Pictures, IFC Films, Zeitgeist Films, Cinemax, IFC TV, the Sundance Channel, Zeitgeist Films, the BBC, Channel 4, Canal Plus, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.