Chain Camera
“Hilarious…one of the finds of the 2001 Sundance Film Festival”
– Ella Taylor, LA Weekly

2001 Sundance Film Festival – Official Selection

In this groundbreaking experiment in documentary filmmaking, ten students at a Los Angeles high school were given video cameras to film their lives. There were no limitations on what they could shoot. After one week, they each gave their camera to a friend, who filmed their life for a week, then again handed their camera on. Like chain letters, these cameras circulated through the student body for an entire year. The final film, culled from over 700 hours of footage, is a riveting portrayal of contemporary urban teenage life. Shot in 1999 and foreshadowing YouTube, blogs, and other DIY media that has exploded throughout culture, CHAIN CAMERA is a raw, intimate and provocative look at the thoughts, fears, and experiences of a generation on the cusp of the new millennium.