Private Practices
“Controversial and startling, a documentary with real power”
– Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times

In this groundbreaking cult documentary from 1985, director Kirby Dick weaves a fascinating study of a sex surrogate, Maureen Sullivan, and two of her clients, who each agreed to have their sex therapy sessions with Maureen filmed. Kipper, 25, is a near virginal grad student who gets nervous just talking to a girl. John, 45, is newly divorced and struggling to learn to relate sexually and emotionally to women again. But as Maureen becomes progressively more intimate with them and works to build up their confidence, she exposes her own uncertainties about her ability to relate to others. Through it all, what emerges is a disarming and compassionate look at the struggles people face in connecting with one another.

1985 Atlanta Film Festival – Best Documentary
1985 USA Film Festival – Best Documentary