Twist of Faith
“Riveting and heartbreaking”
– Los Angeles Times

2005 Academy Award Nominee – Best Documentary Feature

TWIST OF FAITH is the powerful story of Tony Comes, a firefighter from Toledo, Ohio, who survived years of sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. When we first meet Tony, he seems to have it all: a great job, a loving wife, adorable kids and a beautiful house. But then Tony, a devout Catholic, decides to come forward and report his abuse to the man he trusts the most – his bishop. When the bishop doesn’t support him, Tony has no choice but to go public and file a lawsuit. Yet even in the face of overwhelming evidence, his close-knit Catholic community is unwilling to let the truth come out. As Comes grapples with the resulting anger, guilt, and confusion, the film shows how the effects of his abuse entangle everyone with whom he shares an intimate bond: his wife, children, extended family, friends and ultimately, his God.

2005 Amnesty International Film Festival – Audience Award
2005 Sundance Film Festival – Official Selection